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Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Who Won POV?

With tonight’s not-so-surprising nomination of Rachel and Brendon, by the new Head of Household, Matt, on Big Brother 12 the POV competition (which already took place of Friday) meant there was even more at stake for the showmance couple.

Too bad for Brachel, they didn’t have much luck during the competition and were actually the first two out of the game, which airs Wednesday night on CBS. Britney ended up winning POV for the third time this season.

From the sounds of it, Brendon had a tantrum when they didn’t win and, according to Britney and Ragan, he threw some balls around. There was also an altercation between Rachel and Kathy during the game, but the details on exactly what happened still aren’t’ clear. As if a Brachel break down wasn’t enough, there is another reason to look forward to Wednesday’s show- last season’s power couple, Jeff and Jordan, return to host!

Even though Rachel offered Britney the $5000 she won in last week’s competition, Britney is refusing to use the POV on either Rachel or Brendon and asked them not to discuss it with her again. Predictably, faced with the reality that her and Brendon will be split up this week, Rachel has been spending a lot of time over the past few days acting out, or in bed crying.

In the meantime, The Brigade Alliance- Matt Hayden, Lane and Enzo- are going strong and are still managing to keep their alliance under wraps, putting them in the lead for final four, as long as they aren’t found out.

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