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Big Brother News & Updates

Big Brother 11 is just trucking right along, and with it comes more than enough drama for your mama. Trust me.

It’s been an interesting week in the Big Brother house, to say the least. The house was initially split in two, with the lone Ranger floater, Michelle, caught in the middle. But with Russel as head of household, that all changed with his nominations and the veto.

Upon winning the HOH, Russel decided to forge some new alliances. He said hello to the idea that Casey planted in his head before being evicted about the idea of teaming up with Jeff (and by default, Jordan). Instantly, he became scheming with the idea of evicting Ronnie.

For his nominations, we find Ronnie and Lydia sitting in the nominations chair. Neither are happy about this. Instantly, Ronnie’s alliance of Jesse, Natalie, and Chima start scheming about how they can keep Ronnie safe and evict Lydia. All is fine and well until Michelle wins the veto.

Ronnie, smart guy that he is, tries to plead with Michelle to use the veto on him. Then he tries to threaten her. Sorry, Ronnie. Major fail with this one. Michelle doesn’t use the veto on him and the vote is 4-3, with Ronnie getting the boot. Bye, bye!

We also learned last night that Jeff, my personal favorite house guest, was given the power of the Coup d’etat. So win Chima won the HOH competition last night, my heart sank just a little bit, but then I just realized that it was on and popping this week.

So my hopes for this week are that Chima makes a fool out of herself, because she is likely to nominate Russel and possibly Lydia or Kevin. From there, if someone wins the veto and takes themselves off, she’ll either put up the other between Lydia and Kevin or Michelle. Finally, Jesse, Natalie, and Chima will be so cocky, and then BAM. Here will come Jeff. I hope that Jeff puts up Natalie and Jesse, and they send one of them home.

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