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Big Brother News

For the first time, Big Brother chose not to feature the live eviction.

As many who subscribe to the live feeds were wondering what in the world was going on, CBS reported that they were opting to tape this eviction.

The biggest question on fan’s lips was obviously, “why?”

With Jeff the holder of the Coup d’etat Holder, the producers feared Chima’s reaction. As we’ve already seen from episodes, she can be quite volatile, but I fear the power of Head of Household went even farther to her head. In the past few days in the house, she’s called Russell a “terrorist” (referring to his background), she’s threatened anyone who wants to go against her HOH wishes, and has even gone far enough to try and provoke Russell to hit her, to guarantee that he will go home.

I can only imagine the smoke from her ears would be visible in an airplane above California right now.

Surely she must be fuming after Jeff used his power, nominated Natalie and Jesse, and with a vote of 3-2, Jesse said goodbye to the house and hello to the jury house.

For Jeff and Jordan fans, it was a great moment.

Michelle won HOH for the week. It will be interesting to see which side Michelle takes: Jeff and Jordan’s, who she has been talking to all week on the sly, or the slightly frightening Chima and Natalie, who’s MO seems to be bully people to get them to do what they want.

This upcoming eviction will also be the night of a double eviction. It’s sure to be an exciting week in the Big Brother house.

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