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Big Brother Season 11 Finale

It was finally here– The Big Brother 11 season finale. I know that many fans have been anxiously waiting the end of this season for many reasons: wanting to know who won, wanting to never see Natalie again, wanting to be over and done with this season. I know personally, some have said that this was the worst season of Big Brother to date.

I can’t say that I necessarily agree, but it was a pretty “meh” final three.

As we know, Jordan, Natalie, and Kevin were the final three. Kevin and Jordan were set to face off in the final part of the HOH competition live finale night.

While the jury is discussing who they should vote for, it was interesting to see. Lydia and Jesse seemed to have a lot of contempt for Jordan, Lydia especially. I was surprised that she was that angry at her, but then again, she was the HOH when Lydia was evicted.

Kevin and Jordan faced off and they needed a tie breaker. The final question was, “How many votes have there been during evictions this season?” Jordan answered 50, and Kevin answer 80. The answer was “59” and Jordan won the final HOH competition.

Then it’s time for the final eviction. Jordan looks beat up about it but voted to evict Kevin. She knows she has absolutely no chance to win against him.

The jury comes out and gets to ask Jordan and Natalie some questions. It’s interesting to hear Natalie’s lame attempt to act like she actually did something amazing in the house during the season and I think in the end, her answers are what cost her votes that she was likely counting on receiving.

Jordan not only won America’s vote, but she also won the votes of Jesse, Lydia, Jeff, and Michelle. Natalie had two votes: Russel and Kevin (though I think he wanted to take that one back once he learned how much Natalie lied to him). In the end, Jordan walked away half a million dollars richer.

Jeff, still so loved by America, won the America’s Choice award for $25,000. When asked by Julie why America loved him so much, he so cutely answer “Good editing?”

It was overall an interesting Big ┬áBrother season. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. I can’t wait until season 12.

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