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Big Brother Updates & Spoilers

In new and exciting Big Brother news, there have been some recent announcements and updates to the show, mostly due to the fact that Chima was evicted from the game. So read on! And be prepared, if you haven’t seen Thursday night’s episode, you may be in for spoilers. Readers, continue at your own risk.

Last night, it was a live show. We were caught up on the recent happenings in the house since Michelle was evicted and the remainder of the first part of the three part final HOH competition were shown.

During the competition, Jordan, Kevin, and Natalie were required to walk on a log, holding their key during various lovely weather storms, from wind and rain to snow and cold.

After 3 hours, Jordan fell off of the log when she allowed herself to get a little sidetracked from being cold. From there, once she went inside, Natalie and Kevin started to discuss their previous arrangement, in which Kevin and Natalie had said that Natalie would throw the first part of the competition, because she alleged to be better at mental games than Kevin. Kevin swore on everything that she would be safe and going to the final two with him (and then later snickered in the diary room about doing what’s best for him).

Next up was the second portion of the HOH competition, in which Natalie and Jordan had to compete between the two of them. The competition reminded me of a skee ball course; however, there were 10 horizontal holes, each one representing one of the HOHs throughout the Big Brother season. Not only did you have to remember who was HOH and in what order, but you then had to roll the corresponding ball into the hole.  Jordan walked away with the victory in this part of the competition, getting 9/10 correct, whereas Natalie only got 5/10 correct.

Kevin and Jordan will compete live on finale night to determine who will be the final HOH. At that time, they will evict one of the remaining houseguests who will immediately join the jury and begin the questioning prior to voting.

Speaking of voting, since Chima’s eviction, that leaves one empty seat in the jury house, which goes to us, America! So head over to to cast your vote.

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