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Biggest Loser Season 14 Finale Recap

 Come on now– you didn’t honestly think that I would have missed my absolute inspiration? I definitely was tuned in to NBC last night, for the entire three hours. And speaking of which, dear NBC: please, there is no need to spread this finale over three hours. It’s absolutely was drawn out and way too long. 

I was thrilled though to watch the season come to an end. It’s such an amazing thing to watch, the stories and befores of a group of people and to see their afters and see how (or if, in some of the cases) they have gone on to change their lives and take control of their bad habits. 

Bob or Jillian, if you are reading, I love you! I really love watching the relationships between trainer and trainee develop. What an inspiring thing, to watch someone who can barely breath on the treadmill walking on the first day to be completing marathons at the end. 

Okay, so let’s get down and dirty. It’s a shame to watch contestants of the show return for the finale and not have taken anything to heart. Trust me, I’m battling my own weight- pregnancy and the desire to eat everything in sight isn’t easy, but to be given such an amazing opportunity and not taken advantage of it is really just disheartening when there are so many others out there who are anxious to participate on the show.  (And yes, David, I AM talking to you.)

But can we say YIPPEE to Jerry? I mean, how inspirational for a 64 year old man to have dropped that much weight (177 lbs) on his own, at home, after spending only 2 weeks on campus. If that isn’t a message to you that anyone can do it, then well, turn off NBC– Biggest Loser isn’t the show for you.

I won’t lie, I was bummed out that Tara didn’t walk away the grand prize winner. She was such a power house on the show and while they all worked their butts off, I was rooting for her. But the most important thing for Tara and Mike (and all the successful competitors) is that they finally have their lives back.

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