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Biggest Loser Season 8 Finale Recap

I can hardly believe that another season of Biggest Loser has wrapped up, but that it has. It’s been an interesting, at times dramatic season 8, but of course, it’s inspired so many across America not only to change their lifestyle, but also to give back to their community.

The amazing thing about the show is that it really takes the ordinary America, sitting at home on their couch, and challenges them to change their lives, the old fashioned way, which of course means a lot of work.

Not only is it a lot of work, but it also challenges the idea that morbidly obese people cannot physically do the work needed to drop all the weight that they need to shed to make themselves healthy and happy.

The season featured some of the largest contestants to date. And yes, they do say that every season. Shay, the largest contestant ever to compete on the show started out at 467 lbs. Last night, during the finale, she weighed in at 304. Amazing job, Shay! Not only that, but Subway and Biggest Loser posed another challenge to her. Since she herself said that her weight loss journey was not over, they offered her $1000 for each pound she loses from now until the finale of season 9 in May 2010. If I were Shay, you’d better believe that would be enough motivation to get myself my ideal size and line my pockets something sweet.

Some of the standouts of the night were definitely Antoine, who looked so fit and strong, Tracey, the manipulator who finally got what her real purpose was, and Rebecca, who looked amazing, but I have to say, downgrade on the hair!

And let’s not forget the final three, Rudy, Danny, and Amanda. All three were looking amazing, especially Rudy and Danny.

To win the show, Danny shed an amazing and impressive 234 lbs. He not only looked amazing, fit and healthy, but he was positively glowing with happiness.

Above all, it was a great season and a wonderful way to wind the season down. I can’t wait for Season 9, which premieres early January!

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