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Biggest Loser Season 8 Premiere

Everyone knows that I just love Biggest Loser and without a doubt, I was surely conflicted when Biggest Loser and Big Brother were airing the premiere and the finale at the same time.

So I did what any sensible Biggest Loser addict did, and watched the season premiere. I’m so glad I did.

The eighth season kicked off strong and it brought with it an introduction to the newest batch of contestants, one of the contestants looks familiar to dedicated viewers, as it is season seven’s Daniel Wright. On season seven of Biggest Loser, Daniel weighed in as the biggest contestant ever on the history of the show. On finale night, Daniel was down 142 lbs, in the 300s range and came back to finish what he started.

Immediately, the contestants were given their first challenge: a chance to follow in the footsteps of previous Biggest Loser contestants and finish the last mile of the marathon.

Daniel won the race in just over 13 minutes, securing immunity for himself and his team partner at the next weigh-in. The race was more than a disaster for two of the contestants when Tracey collapsed during her run and was airlifted to hospital, along with Coach Mo, for medical evaluation.

Back at the ranch, the remaining contestants swapped stories and got emotional when Abby revealed that her husband and child had been killed in a car accident. Trust me, there were probably no dry eyes across America. To hear her story touched my heart and soul and just shined with amazing strength that she is even able to get out of bed in the morning, much less try and make a different.

Because of his challenge win, Daniel was able to select first for a partner. He picked Shay to join him on the Green Team, with the remaining teams being: Amanda and Rebecca (Pink), Rudy and Dina (Blue), Antoine and Sean (Red), Liz and Danny (Brown), Alexandra and Julio (Black) and Coach Mo and Tracey (Purple).

At the first weigh in, Shay became emotional when she learned that at 476lbs she was the largest contestant ever on the show. She later threatened to quit during her gym workout with trainers Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper, before reminding herself that she had come on the show to change her life. C’mon now, Shay. You’ve been quitting all your life. Now is the time to take this opportunity seriously and make a change in your life, once and for all.

Jillian is no joke this season. She’s tired of the same ole’ sob stories and crap and she’s not putting up with it as she trains them anymore. She told youth pastor Sean, “Every time you lay down, I’m going to think, ‘Dead Father'” and informing Allen that he was going to be her “b!^ch” this season.

The final weigh-in placed Alexandra and Julio in last place, with their combined weight loss of 26lbs (13lbs each) being the smallest of the week. Alexandra later suggested that Julio “didn’t push himself hard enough”, but the remaining contestants chose to send her home instead, reasoning that she would be able to continue losing weight by herself.

The Biggest Loser continues next Tuesday on NBC.

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