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Blockbuster Announces Instant Streaming Movie Rentals to Your Television

Well, all I can say is – It’s about damn time. Blockbuster announced today that they are partnering with Sonic Solutions (the company behind what was CinemaNow) to offer “a vast library of premium digital entertainment across a wide assortment of home and mobile electronic devices. ”

It looks like Blockbuster is going to finally implement a feature that has been extremely successful for Netflix. Let’s not forget that Netflix already allows you to stream thousands of movies and TV shows right to your television with their set top “Roku” player. Netflix also recently brought all of their “instant watch” titles to gamers with the Xbox 360. It will be interesting to see if Blockbuster could swing a deal with Sony and the PS3 however I highly doubt it considering the PS3 ALREADY HAS video on demand as well.

I think Blockbuster is a little late to the party with the whole streaming video to your television thing, and frankly I’m a bit shocked that it’s taken this long for them to announce something. It’s funny – I actually went to check on the CinemaNow site last week but noticed it was now pointing to Blockbuster so I had a feeling that this might be coming.

Only time will tell how successful this ends up being for Blockbuster, or if they really are too late to the party. I think the key for them will be to partner with as many device manufacturers as they can, before Netflix gobbles them all up.

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