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Bob Saget To Explore America In Strange Days

sg_bobsagetBob Saget will travel the country exploring strange American subcultures in a new reality series on A&E.

In Bob Saget’s Strange Days, the America’s Funniest Home Videos host and all-American dad in the cheeseball sitcom Full House, will immerse himself in cultures such as the world of mail-order brides to joining a survivalist cult prepping for the end of the world to rushing at a fraternity.

The series is in production and expected to hit the air next year.

“Bob Saget has been a part of the television landscape for years, but now we’ll be seeing him in a completely different light as he travels the country to explore ways of living that most of us know nothing about,” said Robert Sharenow, senior VP of reality at A&E. “The show will reveal hidden corners of the real America and the real Bob Saget, who is even funnier and more relatable when just being himself than any other role he’s ever played.”

Saget is also an executive producer of the show, along with Peter Traugott (Samantha Who?) Troy Searer and John Foy (A&E’s Obsessed).

Saget started performing stand-up comedy and did a number of national tours. Later, in 1987, he became the co-host of The Morning Program; an attempt by CBS to take a different direction with morning television. He also wrote and produced content for the show.

In a recent interview, The Office’s B.J. Novak said that Saget had a “fatherly vibe” about him and that he cursed a lot in front of his daughters. Sagat confirmed that story:

“Well, I’d never talk like I did on The Aristocrats [his famously blue 2005 documentary] around my kids. That was about as beyond as anybody can go. You can’t tell a joke like that in a theater. It’s not that it’s not funny, but it’s only funny in a specific environment,” says Saget. “It’s funny because it’s heinous. (Pause.) Do you think they purposely came up with the word heinous to rhyme with another word? Anyway, my catharsis is continual. I feel like I’m still trying to get things right, whatever medium it’s in.

He added: “I like doing stand-up where I can be completely engaged. Plus it’s your moment, your show. People think I live this life of extremes, that I’m either the clean-cut guy or … well the people who come to my shows, their jaws don’t drop anymore. After 15 years of makeovers, they get it now. I don’t recall how many times you have to curse in public to get people to understand you’re not going to pick up a Dustbuster.”

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