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Bryant Gumbel Announces He Had Cancer Surgery

gumbleYesterday, Bryant Gumbel announced that he underwent cancer surgery two months ago to remove a malignant tumor and a portion of his lung. Bryant made the announcement while filling in for Regis, who is recovering from hip surgery, on Live with Regis and Kelly.

Kelly innocently asked him to participate in a dance segment to which he replied he couldn’t due to a “note from my doctor.” He went on to explain, “They opened up my chest. They took a malignant tumor, part of my lung and some other goodies,” he said. “The pathology on most of the stuff came back benign, but enough aggressive cells had escaped the tumor that it warranted some treatment.”

The Real Sports host said he told few people about the treatment and add that his Real Sports staff didn’t even know about it. “We told my family, obviously,” he said. Gumbel, 61, is scheduled to see a surgeon next week. “I’m OK for the time being,” he said. “I’m hoping they greenlight me to play golf again.”

This morning Kelly, who was joined by co-host Jeff Probst on Live, clarified that Gumbel did not have lung cancer but because of the location of the tumor it was necessary to remove part of his lung.

You can see Bryant’s chat with Kelly here.

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