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Bye Bye Betty: The Show’s Creator Discusses The End of Ugly Betty

Last week, ABC aired the final episode of Ugly Betty with little fanfare. She moved to London for a new job, ran into Daniel who was also in town after handing overMode to Wilhelmina and the two agreed to have dinner.

Though we don’t know what will become of Daniel and Betty’s relationship, everyone else’s conflicts were wrapped up with a bow. Marc made his feelings known to Troy. Willy called a truce with Claire. Amanda found her birth father. Ignacio learned to let his daughters live their lives, which meant Betty was free to move to London and Hilda was free to move to Manhattan.

The show’s creator, Silvio Horta, recently discussed why he ended the series the way he did and what he thinks will come of Daniel and Betty.

Horta admitted they stuffed a lot into the last epiode, but felt it was the only way to give each of the main characters closure. “Having seen the first cut of it, which was about five minutes longer, my perspective was like, this is way too much going on, but we need to deal with it all,” he explained. “I don’t think we gave short shrift to anything. It was important to me that the core cast all had something [in the way of closure]. If we hadn’t explored the Justin story line this season, for example, that would’ve been a huge regret.”

Horta said a conversation with the show’s star changed his mind about the possibility of Daniel and Betty being together. “It was probably a conversation I had with America. It was so obvious; they’ve been there for each other for the entire course of the series and to end with that possibility — and what I think you end with is a possibility — with anyone but Daniel seemed off. Are they together after that? I don’t even want to say. I have my version in my head of what happens after she walks away from him, but I think everyone can have their own interpretation,” he said.

As far as “Ugly Betty’s” legacy, Horta said, “hope the depiction of so many different characters — whether they were gay, Latino, black — opened up the possibility of what a lead of a show should be. We played with the tone in such a huge way, and at every point we dared to be incredibly broad, campy, incredibly real and heartfelt. It’s a tricky combo. I don’t personally like watching cop shows; I love something that’s different and I think we were different. I hope we found something that lasts and that people remember.”

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