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Cable Bills Rising, Again

Not only are gas prices going up, but be ready to shell out more for your television bill as well.  If you’re one of the unlucky ones like me, Comcast subscribers will see an average 3 percent increase in their monthly bills beginning in May.  This is just the latest round of hikes by cable, satellite TV, and internet providers.  Basically it’s a conspiracy to get everyone in the US to pay more for media content.  Comast, after taking control of NBC Univeral, will now have their subscribers help out on the purchase.

I feel like I pay enough (actually overpay) for my cable/internet bill.  Comcast gives the same old baloney excuse of “we have to keep up with the increasing programming costs and up-to-date technology”.  But serious, they just raised rates last year.  At this rate, increases will become more regular than American Idol seasons.  My patience is growing thin with Comcast and I, like many others, am looking into satellite television.  Not only is it cheaper, but you can tailor your subscription packages to your preference.  But not so fast my friends, DirectTV also posted a 4% price increase in February.  That, however, provides you more channels that pesky Comcast.  Maybe if you get one of those new internet USB 3G devices, it might actually work out better.

For those without Comcast, consider yourselves lucky.  Not only is their customer service garbage, but there is so much redtape to change and cancel contracts, it’s less painful to get your wisdom teeth removed than to deal with them.

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