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Californication Gets Third Season

I’ve always been a big fan of David Duchovny, even if I never watched the X-files TV series or the subsequent movies about the show (how many did they even make?) Of his roles, Californication has to be his raunchiest. The irony is not lost on us, of course, that Duchovny was recently treated in real life for sex addiction yet plays a sex-crazed man-whore on the series. Despite it’s racy content and frequent erm..lovemaking scenes, it’s actually quite hilarious, and I’m glad to see it’s been given the go ahead for a third season.

Robert Greenblatt, president of ShowTime programming, said that “Beneath its veneer of debauchery, however, is a complex take on love and adult relationships that surprisingly turns poetic and romantic just when you least expect it.” I can’t really help but agree there, and Duchovny agreed: “We [who work on the series] all have such creative freedom and support, it’s been a peak experience, and I am so happy to be doing the show.”

Now, how a recovering sex addict gets over his addiction by simulating sex with beautiful women as a professional choice, I may never know, but I hope that the show continues it’s laughs along with it’s other content as well. Beautiful women can really only carry a show so far before you get bored, you know? If you don’t believe me, I’m sure the women of Lipstick Jungle can tell you all about it. Star power isn’t enough either, if you ask Christian Slater..

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