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Can a Show Run for 2 Minutes?

At first, when I heard about a new show on Spike TV that ran for an astounding two minutes long, I thought that such a novelty was destined for the trash bin. After seeing successful short clip stories presented on the Heroes webisodes, however, I did change my tune a little. Now obviously this will be a very different genre, and the show, titled “120 Live” is actually a game show of sorts and is sponsored by the Gillete Fusion.

It actually will run six times on Monday and Tuesday, and as you might have guessed already, the title derives from the length of the show. So how do they intend to keep your rapt attention for 120 seconds? Easy..Money. In short, the show offers $1,000 for answering trivia questions, and is apparently a bit of a project for Niels Schuurmans, who’s the senior vice president for brand marketing over at Spike. I didn’t know Spike was owned by MTV Networks Entertainment Group..but suddenly that seems appropriate. Anyway, Both Schuurmans and Jeff Lucas, an executive vice president for sales at the division in charge of Comedy Central, TV Land, and CMT (wow), it’s something that they wanted to do.

Basically the show will break down like this. We’ll have two contestants who appear on web cameras try to outsmart each other for two minutes on the subjects of sports, movies, video games, music, and television. If you want to be one of these contestants, anyone can register over at the website.

Whether 120 will continue after it runs its six episode course is still uncertain. Lucas said that he wants to “see what we learn from it” aka see if it actually attracts viewers and then decide where to go from there. He also suggested that they may start sneaking in episodes of 120 Live during presentations of the Ultimate Fighting Championship bouts..which probably need all the help they can get.

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