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Can I have a DVR with Dish Network or DirecTV?

dvrA digital video recorder or DVR is a device that records video to a drive or memory medium.  It also allows for the capabilities to pause, stop, and rewind live television.  DVRs are only getting better and better as technology becomes cheaper and more efficient.  Here  is a summary of the DVRs that you can purchase from DISH Network and DirecTV.

For DISH Network, you have a choice of three different DVRs.  The Solo VIP612 is a single tuner that is HD capable.  It can record 30 hours of HD or 200 of standard programming.  The Duo625 is a dual tuner DVR that can record 150 hours of standard programming.  This DVR receiver is not HD capable so take that into account.  The last DVR for DISH Network is the Duo VIP722.  Not only is it dual tuner but it also supports HD broadcasts.  This DVR can record 55 hours of HD or 350 hours of standard programming.  You’d probably want to go with the last DVR receiver just because it provides the most flexibility.

For DirecTV, they only provide two types of DVRs.  The DirecTV Plus DVR records up to 100 hours of standard programming.  This receiver will run you $99.  The other DirecTV DVR is the HD DVR.  While it costs $199, it is certainly worth the price.  It allows you to record up to 50 hours of HD broadcasts or up to 200 hours of regular programming.  The DVR also provides a upgraded user interface.

Whichever way you go, you should definitely get a DVR.  It only makes sense if you sign up for a new subscription with either company, you might as well get a receiver with a DVR.  That way you combine two boxes into one.  Trust me, it’s well worth the investment.

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