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Can I have Dish Network or DirecTV in an Apartment or Condo?

Many of us are in apartments or condos, some by choice others by necessity.  That doesn’t mean that you’re barred from having satellite television.  In fact, both DISH Network and DirecTV still want your money and have gone out of their way to make sure that those who aren’t homeowners have options.

If you’re in a residence or you are a landlord you can set up DirecTV for either yourself or the entire building.  If you’re a resident, you first should ask your landlord, manager or HOA for permission to install a dish on the roof.  An alternative is to have it  installed on a private patio or balcony.  Either way, a clear view of the sky is necessary.  That means no branches, big trees, or shrubs should be obstructing the line of sight.  What works in you favor is that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) generally forbids local governments and homeowners associations from enforcing unreasonable restrictions regarding the installation of satellite dishes one meter or smaller.  If, by some reason, there needs to be a change in modeling, then you must remember to ask permission of your manager.  This will also expedite the installation process.

DISH Network doesn’t divulge as much information as DirecTV does about being able to have it in your apartment.  All they claim is that it is possible to subscribe to DISH Network.  As a DISH Network subscriber, you would receive all of the perks that a normal customer would receive.  This includes service, customer support, and installation.

Both DISH Network and DirecTV wouldn’t want to leave a lot of us out in the loop.  That would be a big mistake on their part.  I think the most important thing to make sure to do is ask permission first from your manager or landlord if it would be okay to put a dish either on the roof or on the patio of your place.

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