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Can I Have More Than One TV With One Satellite Dish?

multiple tvsNot only is having a satellite television a luxury, but it is the ultimate when you can watch programs on different televisions.  While there are some ways to do it illegally, there are ways to do it legitimately.  Both DISH Network and DirecTV have the capability but they are different than each other.

DISH Nework requires you to buy additional receivers if you want to connect more than one television to a receiver.  Subscribers to DISH Network can buy either dual tuner receivers (that includes DVR receivers).  The two tuners basically enables one receiver to split the signal into two different one.  If you also hook up an additional receiver, you can watch, pause, and record television.

DirecTV requires that while you can have multiple televisions connected to a receiver, they all have to display the same programming.  Again, the workaround on this is that if you have a dual tuner receiver, both can be used as separate outputs to watch different programs.

Another option to consider is called a multiswitch.  Although satellite companies might not like them, multiswitches are used mostly with condos or apartment houses where multiple tenants would like to watch TV from a satellite signal.  Rather than install a bunch of dishes on the roof, tenants can own a multiswitch.  What it does is it receives signals from the satellite and passes the signal to the multiswitch box.  The box then splits the signal and transmits it to each unit.  While one might think that the signal would weak, the multiswitch amplifies it.

Whatever route you decide to go, make sure that it is legit and that you don’t get into trouble.  It sucks having to pay more for something but in the end it’s better than paying a fine trying to get around rules.

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One Response to “Can I Have More Than One TV With One Satellite Dish?”
AJ - November 2nd, 2009 at 9:15 am

I run 2 televisions off my Winegard TRAV’LER satellite dish on my motor home and it works just great. The only system I was able to find for an RV that picks up multiple satellites at the same time.

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