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Can I Have Satellite TV with Trees in My Yard?

dishWe’ve all had those days where it’s a bit blustery or there’s bad weather and your satellite feed is disrupted.  But more often than not, it’s because of pesky trees that get in the way.  Before you go into DIY-mode, you should use common sense first.  First, determine the cause and check if any trees are obstructing the signal.  You can refer to the manual that your professional installer left with you about the dish.  It is highly feasible that the tree wasn’t in the way at first but then grew bigger to obstruct the signal.  For instance, weeping willows may cause considerable problems because of their swaying branches.  Others trees shed leaves in the fall, giving way to a clearer signal through winter but ironically becoming problematic in summertime.

The real question is can you still set up your satellite dish with trees in your yard.  The answer is yes.  The best option is to get a professional to install it for you.  Don’t do it on your own.  If you chose to go the solo route, read the manual and how-to.  It’s imperative that you follow the directions and make sure to configure the positioning of the dish correctly.  Take into account any shrubs, trees, and any other obstructions that might be in the way (especially ones that have the potential to grow).

If you are able to, the other option is to cut or trim the tree.  However, you have to do this regularly and it could become a hassle.  Don’t just adjust the dish slightly so you get decent reception at that time.  That’s just a band-aid for a hemorrhaging wound.  If you can determine which branches have now blocked the “look angle,” get out the ladder and tree saw. It can be a tricky proposition in correctly identifying the culprit branches, and if the tree will only grow anew, it may be better in the long-haul to call in a satellite TV or landscape contractor with appropriate experience to assess the root cause of your woes.

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