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Catch NCIS on a New Site: Sling

With the recent success and touted revenue potential of online TV site Hulu, it appears that there are plenty of competitors out there who think they can invent a better mousetrap. One such site is Sling, an online tv show site that streams some of my own favorite shows, and I have to say I’m fairly impressed so far. As if I didn’t have enough on my plate already, I have been catching the occasional episode of NCIS, and I’m happy to have watched the most recent episode: Silent Night.

Now, I’ll be honest, my first impression of NCIS was not a good one. The first episode I watched seemed so convoluted that I almost turned it off. In that particular episode, a boy is constantly teased at his school (see where this is going? I know you do) and decides to take revenge on his classmates by threatening everyone with a bomb under his shirt. Naturally we call the NCIS team in….wait what?

Thankfully other episodes have been much more engaging and compelling, and I’m always happy to see a new site emerge that can deliver the shows I’d like to watch when I’d like to watch them. Surprisingly enough for as much as I write about TV..I have basic cable. No really, I mean super basic, so DVR isn’t really an option and I don’t always catch the shows I’d like to see. One day I’ll be bothered enough to upgrade…but today is not that day. What can I say, I’m scrooge for this kind of thing.

Anyway, the bottom line is if you’re on the fence about NCIS because it seems like a CSI wannabe, then your fears are (for the most part) unfounded, and it’s a show worth watching. Whether Sling is your viewing method of choice or not is up to you, but I liked it!

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