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Changing Tastes

Over the last few years, I’ve noticed a change in my television watching habits.  Less do I watch of stupid, shoot-em-up type of shows and more drama and documentaries.  Perhaps it’s me getting older or just me going with the flow of evolving television shows.  Either way, I think viewers also have to adapt the current fads and what the television executives want people to watch.  Over the next couple of seasons, we’re going to see a huge shift.  I believe there will be more mini-series and less shows like CSI, Lost, and 24 that have strong staying power.  Viewers want variety along with the flexibility to watch the shows where they want and when they want.

This, to me, is a double edged sword.  We can’t have a perfect world and pretty much every good idea has been turned into a television show.  Themed shows about terrorism and how the United States is the world police is great by me, but it has also grown wearisome.  The Losties are going to get off the island, eventually (I think) but either way the mystery will be solved by the end of the season.  I think we need more real world stuff.  By that I don’t mean the Real World or Jersey Shore on MTV, but more nature shows and how people live around the world.  Let’s try and expand our horizons instead of showing what is dumbfounding in our country.  I want to see more shows that are on the Travel or Discovery Channel.  Instead of looking inwards at ourselves, let’s use the medium of television to explore the world through an HD lens.  People say they want reality television, well this is as close as you’ll get to real.  American Idol is not real and neither is Survivor.  But seeing an ostrich get tackled by three cheetahs IS real.  We have lost touch with not only reality but what it means to be human.  There needs to be more shows like Life and Planet Earth that are more transcendental.

As for mini-series, I was once high on Spartucus: Blood and Sand but all that show turned out to be was a softcore porno starring Lucy Lawless and company.  The acting is terrible and the story is a mockery of who Spartucus really was.  I mean I’m all for nudity but there comes a point where watching a show makes one dumber at the end, and this is one of them.  Now, I haven’t been able to see The Pacific yet because I have no HBO, but if you go by pure reputation, then it will be great.  Those are the solid mini-series that we need more of.  Make them downloadable either through Netflix, iTunes, or even Hulu.  Not only will people watch, but our culture is so easily distracted from shows that a 12 episode series is a perfect length.

Execs don’t have the stones to do it but they need to do a clean wipe of their programming.  And I’m mostly talking about the four big networks.  When you’re relying on American Idol, Ugly Betty, and NCIS to get you through the week, you’re making the greatest country in the world a dumber place to live in.

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