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Charm School Season 3 Premiere

 Oh, Ricki Lake! Where have you been? Since your talk show was cancelled, my life has had a quite Rickiless existence and I’m have not liked it one bit. 

Oh, you’ve been busy being an activist? What’s that? Home birth? Okay, so not a direction that I ever thought you would take, but that’s awesome and you rock. 

So what’s in store for Ricki Lake? After disappearing out of the talk show circuit, she is finally back. This time, she’ll be hosting a VH1 celebreality show, Charm School. The premise of the show is taking a bunch of classless (mostly), rude women from previous VH1 shows and teaching them manners. There’s a royal concept! 

The “stars” of Charm School include past contestants of Rock of Love Bus, and Real Chance at Love. (And this is my secret confession: yes, I did watch all three of those shows. ) 

The show is supposed to teach these women how to be compassionate and selfless– less concerned with their appearance and perhaps even get involved in charity. It’s also supposed to teach these brass ladies some manners– and not just which fork they should use with their dinner plate. 

Previous seasons of Charm School were hosted by Sharon Osbourne and word on the street is that some viewers are less than thrilled to have a new host. But come on, people! Let’s be real. It’s RICKI LAKE. She’s a total icon from the 90s and if anyone knows how to relate to these rough, rugged, and rude ladies, it’s her. 

Some of the contestants on Charm School include: Bay Bay Bay, Bubbles, Risky, and So Hood from Real Chance at Love. From the Rock of Love Bus, we will see: Ashley, Beverly, Brittanya, and Farrah. That’s not all, tune in to see who else will be competing on the show!

So what’s in it for the winner? Not only will she be dubbed “Charm School Queen,” but she will win $100,000. Not bad for having some class! 

Charm School premieres on Monday, May 11 at 9PM/8PM CST on VH1.

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