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Check out Sons of Anarchy

soaFX has turned out another successful original series in Sons of Anarchy.  It is about an outlaw motorcycle club called the Sons of Anarchy that lives in Charming, CA.  On the exterior they run a motorcycle shop, but it doesn’t take a genius to realize that there are extracurricular activities going on.  The Sons of Anarchy run a highly successful arms dealing business and  must contend with circumstances that arise from that.  Among those problems are drug dealers, the local police, and even the FBI.  They walk a fine line between getting caught and barely escaping.  They live for the adrenaline rush that comes from money, power, and blood.

The main characters are Jackson ‘Jax’ Teller played by Charlie Hunnam.  He is the Sons vice-president.  His father was part of the group before he died and wrote a journal that Jax often reads for guidance.  Clay Morrow is the leader of the group and played extremely well by Ron Perlman.  Plain and simple he is a badass who doesn’t care about anything and yet is very loyal to the group.  He is married to Jax’s mother Gemma played by Katey Segal who is equally as scary as her husband.  This family triangle carries lots of baggage and they are finally putting two and two together about their dark pasts.  You’ll recognize other cast members from different movies and shows and they all play their roles well.  But mainly the show is centered around Jax and Clay.

SOA look out for themselves, trying to find ways to make money to stay afloat.  But all the while, they also take responsibility of cleaning up their small town of Charming.  They often go renegade and kill evil-doers like the meth runners or the rival group Mayans.  But make no mistake, the group comes before Charming.  It does show that Clay and the rest do have some sort of conscious.  They realize that it is a give and take between them and the residents of the city.  It does help that they have some law enforcement on the take, giving them allies on the inside.

This season Jax and the club deal with the fallout from Donna’s death, bringing internal tensions to an all-time high while a new enemy takes root in Charming.  LOAN, or League of American Nationalists, is a white separatist organization which opens a cigar shop on Main Street intent on ingratiating of forcing SAMCRO out.  SOA have had run ins with these Aryan groups before but it seems like things are building to a big showdown.  Combine this with Jax and Clay butting heads more and the show’s tension is rising.  The group is split between the seemingly two leaders that they have.

The show’s first season averaged 5.4 million viewers per week, making it the network’s most successful show since Rescue Me.  FX continues to church out new and unique shows that stimulate us as viewers.  The show is highly entertaining and brings a new meaning drama series.  New episodes of Sons of Anarchy airs on Tuesdays on FX at 10 pm.

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