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Clooney Gets Company in the ER

clooneyinnewscrubsLast week, I mentioned it had been rumored George Clooney was back on the set of ER. Well, it has gotten so much better! Today we learn he will indeed be back in his scrubs and he won’t be alone, Susan Sarandon will also be appearing in one of the final episodes of ER airing this spring.

At this point, NBC is keeping the storyline very hush, hush so we don’t know if the two Academy Award winners are actually appearing in scenes together or not. It does seem they will at least be in the same episode since both were at the studio on the same days last week.

Even though there is no information about Clooney’s specific story, the titles and plots of two upcoming episodes have been reported by E!. “In Times of Old,” will air sometime toward the end of the final season and the script calls for at least one pediatric ER patient and let us not forget Clooney’s Dr. Ross was a pediatric specialist. “What We Do” will be a departure for the show and stand on its own as a documentary-style episode.

The only real clue we have about Dr. Ross’ plot can be found in a set photo of Clooney that was “leaked” onto the internet last week. In the picture, Clooney is clearly wearing a wedding ring which means one of two things, either Julianna Margulies (who played Clooney’s love interest on the show) is returning too or George ran away with his new mystery girl. Either way, its pretty exciting stuff!

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