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Cold Case Season 6 Finale

 Cold Case is an interesting twist on the crime drama. It is based on a fictional police department out of Philadelphia, PA. 

The thing I really love about Cold Case is the interesting format. Every episode begins with a flashback of the scene that may have triggered the crime. It introduces us to the person who may be missing or murdered. The episode mixes the present, as the detectives re interview previous suspects and witnesses, as well as the past. It brings to life the amount of time that may have past since the crime took place. 

Every episode of Cold Case is centered around one case that has gone cold. The best episodes seem to be centered around the older cases. It’s so interesting how a cold case can be solved– the changes in technology even in five or ten years can really make or break the case. 

Season 6 finale is going to be a real treat– it’s combining one of my all time favorite bands with one of my favorite shows. The Cold Case finale will feature music by Pearl Jam. 

The episode is set to be a two part episode. The first hour is known as “The Long Blue Line” and the team will be looking into a case from 2005. The case involves the murder of the first female cadet student in Pennsylvania.

Unfortunately for those impatient people out there (like me!), the episode will not conclude until the following weekend. The case may trigger some emotional feelings in the detective on the team, who was the first female homicide detective.

Although CBS has yet to announce whether or not the show will be back for another season, I’m hopeful! It continuously brings pretty high ratings, and hey, if it  makes any difference, I’m always tuned in.

Cold Case airs on Sunday nights on CBS at 9PM/8PM CST. The season finale will be Sunday, May 10 will the episode concluding on Sunday, May 17.

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