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Comcast XFINITY Beta Launches

comcastLast week, Comcast launched its beta version of Fancast XFINITY TV to only its subscribers for free.  Fancast XFINITY TV is Comcast’s version of online on-demand entertainment.  The company boasts that they have the ability to provide subscribers an entertainment experience anytime and anywhere.  If you’re a lucky Comcast subscriber (although sometimes I think that being one of those is unlucky), then you can simply log on to your account and fiddle around with the new service.

“Fancast XFINITY TV is a win for consumers and content producers. We’re giving customers access to content they love in new ways and opening up new opportunities for established and independent producers to make their content available on-demand,” said the vice president of content acquisition.  While the in-house reviews are good, some users are raving about about the quality of the player.  One obvious downside is that there is a bad authenticating system when logging in as well as very little good content.  Those who are complaining about this right now should remember that this is still in beta.  They’re not going to show all their cards while it’s in beta, but I’m sure Comcast will take into account all the feedback.

XFINITY does include shows from channels like HBO, Starz, and Cinemax.  With these channels in the lineup, I strongly believe that it’s only a matter of time before Comcast starts charging for XFINITY.  Hulu has been talking about his and it’s only a matter of time.  While the push to get away from the television continues, the best way to still watch entertainment is through you television.  99% of companies have to catch up with the modernized times.  But right now, to really watch everything you want, you should stick to satellite.

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