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Considering Big Love

bbigloveIt’s usually pretty difficult for me to get into a show that’s broadcast on say, HBO, ShowTime, or another cable channel. The reason for this is that in my silly frugal efforts, I keep my TV package at the absolute most basic level, think no bunny ears but not much in terms of actual channels. Any series I like to watch I either catch when it’s on or head on over to the network’s site or Hulu for the latest and greatest. For an HBO/ShowTime series, I’ll rent it on a season by season basis from Netflix. Thus my TV watching is balanced.

A friend of mine recently recommended Big Love as a potential show to pick up on, but I’m skeptical. I mean Bill Paxton married to a number of women at the same time (up to four as of the most recent episode) seems like a setup for some serious awkwardness to me. Still, I’m going to give the show a try. I even read over a recent recap over at TIME (spoilers never stopped me from actually watching and enjoying a show).

I like Bill Paxton as an actor (and managed to forgive him for participating in the movie Twister) but everything seems to suggest that this show is rather heavy in terms of drama. That’s ok with me as long as the story remains interesting and the sub-plots don’t drag on or bog down the story for too long. After watching Six Feet under though, I’m not sure if I can take another everything in life sucks type series where nothing good ever happens to anyone.

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