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Cougar Town Will Back In Production Monday After Brief Hiatus

courteneyLast week it was announced that Cougar Town would be temporarily halted due to a “family matter” but it looks like the Cox-Arquettes have already moved past the matter.

A source close to the series told E! Online, “We were down last Friday and are on a scheduled hiatus this week. We’ll resume production on Monday.” While another source revealed that Courteney’s husband, David Arquette, is still working on an independent film, The Land of the Astronauts, which has been shooting in downtown Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley for the past two weeks. “David is a pro and seems to talk to his family often,” the source says.

Busy Phillips, who co-stars with the 45-year-old actress, Tweeted about their return on Monday.

“Cougartown was only down for one day,” Busy wrote. “We’re back shooting after Thanksgiving. I’ll pass along the love for cc!”

The good news for fans is that the hiatus will not affect ABC’s planned Cougar Town schedule.

What exactly the family matter was, is still being kept under wraps but it seems unlikely that the issue was related to the couple’s marriage as was originally speculated. In response to the rumors, a rep for the actress would only say that Courteney and her family “are fine.”

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