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CSI is dying out

csiA couple of years ago, CSI was the rave.  All three series were doing really well, with CSI (the original) as the #1 show in primetime.  CBS was loving it, earning the title as the #1 channel in primetime.  But now NCIS has taken over as the top show which is a bit peculiar if you ask me.  CSI lost Grissom last year when he moved on to do other things, such as produce the show.

CSI first premiered in 2000 with the first show being one to remember.  It was a standout because one of the CSIs was killed off.  Her dying opened up a plethora of storylines, why Warrick left, how Brass warmed up to the group, and the beginning of the sort of father role that Grissom would play.  A lot has happened since then, characters captured, kidnapped, or even killed off.  Grissom is gone and now Morpheus/Laurence Fishburne is his replacement.  While Fishburne’s character brings a fresh face and new backstory, I don’t think it’s enough to stave off the inevitable.  All great things come to an end.

I have to admit that I’ve stopped watching Miami and New York.  Horatio kills me with his one-liners and the “let’s see….” statements.  The role has served its purpose in resurrecting his almost dead career when he left NYPD Blue.  And with New York, you can only play the Manhattan card so many times.  We all know that New York is a messed up place but stories are being stretched.  I’d rather have a similar plotline done well rather than some outlandish, ridiculous one.

While they might be on the way out, it still has made its mark on society.  Some call it the CSI effect, how the program raised viewers’ awareness of real-world forensic science.  In this day and age of modern technology, the latest gadgets and gizmos to catch bad guys interests most of us.  However, I even find myself playing CSI, looking at things more closely.  The shows serve as a positive to crime fighting, to be a public servant.  Instead of the usual painting bad cops in a negative way, they focus more on the intellectual side of catching criminals.  It should be said that in the field, things do not go as smoothly as they do in the show.  More often than not, evidence is not lying there in plain sight.  There is no camera zoom of the human eye that can detect a strand of hair that is carefully placed at the crime scene.  But that’s a skeptic’s perspective–you just have to realize that it’s Hollywood.

I still can’t wait till Thursdays for CSI.  I look forward to it every week.  But as every week passes, I know it’s just that much closer to the series ending.  I feel it coming.  Sara Sidle left to be with Grissom and then came back because she’s in town for some conference (pretty weak excuse if you ask me).  I put it at next year when all we’ll be left with is either to watch Mac Taylor or Horatio.  Let’s see….

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