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CSI: Miami Season 7 Finale

 May sweeps are here and it’s a sad time for TV addicts like myself– some of our favorite shows will be taking a summer hiatus until the season premieres in the fall. And with this group is CSI: Miami

CSI: Miami is yet another CSI spinoff about a police procedural team of forensic scientists. It is set in present-day Miami-Dade County. 

The team investigates mysterious and unusual deaths to determine who killed whom and why, and also solves other serious crimes (such as rape or kidnapping). The team is led by Horatio Caine, a former homicide detective. 

Season 7 has definitely been action packed. From interesting story lines and new romantic interests to learning who Eric’s father was and dealing with the drama that has risen from that saga, it’s definitely left us entertained. And let’s not forget about Wolf: he was kidnapped, tortured, beaten, and then sent back to mess with evidence and lead the police in the total opposite direction. To save a child, of course! And he kept the evidence in tact the whole time. 

But what will the season 7 finale hold? Sources say that everything from this season will reach full circle, from Calleigh and Eric’s budding relationship, Eric’s family troubles and discovery about his father, and there will even be a bit of mob action. Brian Austin Green will be guest starring in the finale an alleged carjack victim. 

TV Guide lets us know that “[t]he seventh season concludes with Yelina in danger from the Russian mob and Horatio fighting to save her. Meanwhile, Delko puts his life on the line to help his criminal father, much to Calleigh’s dismay.”

So have we got that? Horatio will be fighting to save Yelina and Delko goes against Calleigh’s pleas and helps his dangerous father with life threatening consequences. 

The season finale will be airing on Monday night, at 10PM/9PM CST on CBS. It will be certainly bring things full circle.

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