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CSI: New York Season 5: Episode 22: Yahrzeit

 I can guarantee that this episode of CSI will leave you feeling a little sad, maybe even leave your heart achey. .. which doesn’t typically happen during CSI for me, world’s biggest cry baby! 

Detective Taylor is on the case when a jewelry auction goes bad and ends in murder. 

The investigation begins to lead Mac on the trace of a Neo Nazi when the open cell phone call was traced to him. When Mac heads to talk to the suspect, Sheldon trails along. Bad idea, Mac! The Neo Nazi obviously does not like this turn of events and goes as far as to spit on Sheldon. This upsets Danny, and suddenly, it seems as though the suspect is resisting arrest. His head meets the ground and they reunite and trust me, it doesn’t feel too good. 

Adam tells Mac that he thinks the victim was killed by bayonet. It would explain the strange combination of bullet and knife wound. It turns out that the Nazis used a similar gun, known as an Apache gun during World War II. 

When Mac learns that the victims apartment had been robbed, he heads to the apartment and finds a room that is full of artifcats and items that were taken from Jews during World War II. Among the artifacts is a Nazi flag and a finger print. The finger print belongs to the Neo Nazi suspect from earlier, Michael. 

When looking in the victim’s apartment, Mac finds the name of a Jewish woman, Hannah. Hannah told the story about how her   sister purchased her freedom out of Germany by selling her brooch. In return, the man named Claus was supposed to take her and the family to the border and let them out to escape the Nazis. However, he instead took them straight to Auschwitz where they were executed.

Mac then finds out where the brooch was, when it turns out that the art dealer named Abraham was actually Claus. When confronted, Claus is still a cold, heartless Nazi and makes some vile remarks in German.

Mac also finds out that his father was an amazing soldier who helped free many people during World War II.

The episode touches your heart and reminds us of history. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out, you should!

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