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Cynics Unite On Mondays

houseTo combat ESPN’s Monday Night Football and CBS’s strong Monday lineup, FOX has targeted a different and unique audience.  With House and Lie To Me back-to-back, cynics, sarcasm-lovers, and skeptics all tune in for two hours to live in their dream world.  And there are a lot of us out there that know the world has some bad eggs in them.  But while House and Lightman’s moral compass might sometimes point in the opposite direction, their intentions are almost always good.

House is in its sixth season while Lie To Me is still in its younger stages only in its second season.  But both play off each other as well as are completely independent of one another.  House is geared for medical nerds–I like to compare it to a smarter version of ER.  The banter between House and his staff is sometimes more captivating than the weekly medical mystery that they come across.  Viewers live vicariously through House, allowing us to be selfish in what we want to happen.  We want to solve the mystery by putting the pieces of the puzzle together.  We want to be omnipotent and have an ego the size as his.  Instead of being nice to people on a regular basis, sometimes we wish we could be absolute jerks to people like how House treats others.  It sounds terrible but it entertains me to see people emotionally hurt by House.  Maybe its the alter ego in me that wants to get back at people who’ve crossed me, but the way House goes about it is like a game of chess.  He manipulates people by strategically planning and foreseeing the endgame before it even starts.

Lie To Me delves into the realm of human nature and lying.  I was unaware that microexpressions was even a legitimate field of work until the show premiered.  While not as brutal as House, Lightman is still very rough around the edges.  But this is why both of these characters are appealing.  Their expertise in their fields is amazing yet their people skills are less than perfect.

Both shows not only entertain for their hour long time slots, but also make viewers smarter.  While we might not be able to diagnose patients with symptoms or tell if someone actually killed someone, we are mentally stimulated by the way they set up the shows.  The always changing plot keeps us guessing of what’s going to come next.  I’m always anticipating what one-liner they’ll drop to degrade the other person.  Lie To Me seems to be doing well, especially with its great timeslot following up a popular show like House.  I feel like House is losing a little bit of its luster and something is bound to change drastically in the storyline before the season ends.  After its second season, Lie to Me is has a strong enough following to perhaps fill an empty time slot anytime during the week for Fox.  Hopefully both shows continue to be successful.  After all, we all need sarcasm and jerks to keep us in check.

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