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Daisy of Love: Season Recap

If you have no clue who Daisy is or why VH1 gave her a show, well.. let’s just say, it’s VH1 and they are the kings of all things trashy reality. Daisy was previously a contestant on Rock of Love. She lost, she cried, she got a show on VH1.

So this ditsy blond who looks as fake as I’ve ever seen before in (and I’m talking whole nine yards here– her lips looked as though they would pop with too much pressure from kissing), waltzes in and apparently, her type is the scruffy, dirty rocker boy. Ew. But hey, her opinion is what matters on her show, am I right?

There were, of course, some really nice, attractive guys on the show. Notice I said were.

Daisy’s final three were the ever so sexy Flex, a really nice guy who wasn’t afraid to take risks, try new things, or open; 12 Pack/Dave, who has been around the VH1 reality circuit, but claimed that this was genuine (and hey, I started to believe him!), and dirty rocker boy London, who had already “broken” Daisy’s heart when he left the show earlier in the season, only to waltz back in with only two episodes to go.

Classy, London. And hey, Daisy! Woohoo for self esteem. You really showed him there.

Wait– I’m talking about VH1 reality. Of course.

Anyway, back to the matter at hand. With three left, Daisy has to send one packing to get to the climatic finale. So we say bye bye to Dave, who seems genuinely hurt and sad that he finally opens up, only to be trampled. I kind of agree with the guy. Sheesh, Daisy. You push him to tell you how he feels, just to send him home less than 12 hours later. Really a class act!

The finale is heading off London and Flex. I’m rooting for Flex, because… well… he’s hot, sweet, and clean, apparently.

But as it seems to work on VH1, the one looking for love always (ALWAYS) chooses the “other” guy/girl and the really sexy, really classy one walks away a loser, only to get their own show in six months or less.

My fingers are crossed that I soon see: “Flex of Love” or even “Flexing for Love” or “Crazy for Flex”? I don’t know, I’m still working on the title, but VH1, if you are interested, give me a call. I have some good ideas!

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