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Damages Season 2 Returns (Finally)

Despite having plenty of drama in my life already thanks to you, but also in my TV entertainment, I almost wrote off Damages when I first heard about it. I think many fans may have been feeling the same way, given that it’s been about 15 months since new episodes last aired on FX. Given the star power the show has brought in with the powerful Glenn Close and others, however, I have to believe that there is still a niche that this show can fill.

The first season was definitely a fun ride, and the from what I understand, the second season has great potential at as well. While the first season of a show is crucial in terms of establishing a base of fans and proving to a network that the show is worth keeping on the air, the second is important in showing us the show has staying power. Even a fantastic first season can often lead to a “blah” second when writers and show creators quickly run out of ideas, but I don’t expect such things from Damages.

The second season will resume shortly after we last saw Ellen become an FBI informant in order to destroy Patty, who in season one had attempted to murder her so..payback’s a bitch, eh? In season 2, Ellen is not at all pleased that her fiance just got whacked, and so she’s much more determined and dark than what we were used to in season one, where she was much more timid.

Expect a lot of flashback elements (is there anyone who doesn’t use flashbacks these days?) in order to explain why we have the opening scene of Ellen in a state of drunken haze confronting someone with a gun, explaining to them that they “should be terrified.” Apparently, so should we, as we’ll have to work our way through a flash back of six months or so before we finally come around to figuring out how we got into this predicament.

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