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Damages Season 2

FX’s fledgling drama, Damages, appears to be whole enough to continue on for another season. The show revolves around Ellen Parsons, a lawyer fresh out of law school and applying for the most prestigious position she can get her hands on. She ends up working for a notorious lawyer in the industry, Patty Hewes, played by Glenn Close. Close actually won an Emmy for best Outstanding Lead Actress, and she does very well in the series as a powerful lawyer. There will be some interesting guest stars thrown into the mix as well, including Sharon Gless, Portia de Rossi, and Jennifer Coolidge.

The first season based it’s story on Ellen diving head first into a major case at the law firm, Hewes and Associates, involving a class action suit by the former employees of a billionaire. Ellen quickly learns that this isn’t your average law firm and that her boss is willing to do whatever it takes to win…be that illegal, immoral, or otherwise. Needless to say she’s not too pleased about this initially, and what you have is an unusual court room drama series by a diverse cast and admittedly dark (sometimes depressing overtones). You can check out a review of all of season one at Hulu.

The show was met with mixed reviews, but that won’t stop it from returning for a second season. If you’re interested (Surprisingly I may pick this up, not usually my cup of tea), you can check out the second season trailer at the official site. The second season is set to kick off on January 7, 2009. FX

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