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Deep End

The Deep End is a brand new show on ABC about lawyers and the things they go through after joining a firm.  The show doesn’t have any real big name stars but does have some familiar faces like Billy Zane, Clancy Brown, and Tina Majorino.  While the lack of star power might turn people away from the show, it also plays into the storyline of new beginnings.  The show is strangely produced by David Heminson, who also produces How I Met Your Mother, the CBS comedy.

The five new lawyers have joined one of the most prestigious law firms in Los Angeles, Sterling, Huddle, Oppenheim, and Craft.  Billy Zane is their boss aka “The Prince of Darkness” but when Huddle (Sterling) comes back after a long hiatus, there is a power struggle to see who will lead the firm.  Because it is only in its infancy, storylines are still being developed—the power struggle between the two partners, budding romances, and new and strange cases.  But I feel like the show is a bit over the top and almost too comedic.

First off, there is no way real-life lawyers have that much fun.  They work long hours and do the partners bidding, mostly paper-pushing and doing research.  They are not given cases to try unless under special circumstances.  Sure, certain cases are more exciting than others but no way does a huge firm let a rookie lawyer go up against a seasoned veteran, let alone her father who is also an attorney (2nd episode).  This gross portrayal is reflective in a low Metacritic score of 40/100.  Critics have also noticed that there are blatant violations of the ABA Code of Conduct, which can lead to suspensions and possible disbarment.

Also incorrect is the way that they use the books to do research.  Anyone who has ever been in a lawyer’s office knows that that these are only for show.  Since the show is set in present day, research can be done online.  It’s a joke to see the rookies sifting through the endless chapters while the internet sits there unused.

In the show the new, young lawyers have formed a tight-knit bond.  This is simply not true—it is such a cutthroat business that one will do whatever it takes to get an edge on the competition.  If you’re going to make a drama about lawyers, at least make it along the line of Damages (FX).  But to think that the firm is goes about its business in a happy-go-lucky fashion is plain naïve.

The first red flag was Billy Zane.  He has never done anything good in his career except his appearance in Zoolander.  He’s a joke of an actor and if there is a series that has him, it’s bound to be a sure-fire failure.  Skip this show and watch something else.  It is highly unrealistic and is simply just a patch job for ABC to fill a one hour time slot. There is no way that this gets picked up for a second season—all it’s good for is to get some fresh young faces out into television land for future shows.

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