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Did You Watch The Oscars?

oscarAward shows are notorious for being pointless and hardly meaningful these days. This especially true given the number of films that win awards that the vast majority of the viewers watching have never seen. Top that off with lame jokes and questionable music numbers (although I’ll admit these tend to be hit or miss, some of them are actually good), and you probably know why the ratings for such award shows like the Oscars have suffered in recent years. Yet despite all of these flaws, there’s still a pretty solid base that wants to see who won the award for X (with X being your favorite movie category or actor/actress).

If you’re interested in checking out the awards yourself, there’s a number of places you can get your clips piece meal and my personal favorite is Hulu for this purpose. That way i can watch the awards/musical numbers that I’m interested in seeing wwhile being spared the awkward torment of watching the whole show.

Bloggers in the TV area have been buzzing about who won what and what acress was wearing this dress and that, and such banter will likely continue for awhile, but I have to say that I was particularly impressed with Megan’s Minute Oscar predections. Most of them are pretty spot on, and even those that weren’t seemed like a good educated guess.

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