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Diddy to Guest Star on CSI: Miami

I don’t really understand it myself, but of all the CSI shows out there, Miami is my favorite. I know it’s campy and the dialog is very often times meh and Horatio puts such an over-exaggerated bad ass persona that I should probably be laughing at times. Instead it continues to be one of my favorite guilty pleasures, and with guest stars being all the rage these days, it’s about time the show brought in someone interesting as well. From Lindsay Lohan appearing on Ugly Betty (and subsequently getting booted from the show for eh..creative differences) to Jennifer Aniston on 30 Rock, to now Diddy appearing on CSI: Miami.

The CBS crime show will be drawing from the hip-hop world to put Diddy in a role I didn’t really expect them to, as a prosecutor that has a serious beef with our favorite protagonist Horation Caine, who is played by David Caruso. As a recent post over on put it, “we’re crossing our fingers for a sunglasses removal showdown!” I couldn’t agree more.

Diddy isn’t exactly a stranger to the big screen either. He recently played a part in the hit movie Monster’s Ball, and also a part in the recent miniseries A Raisin in the Sun, where he received an Emmy nomination for his role as producer of the piece. Diddy as a lawyer seems strangely appropriate, and the two egos colliding on screen should make for some great television if you ask me! Here’s to hoping, eh?

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