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DirecTV Family Package

When considering whether to go with satellite or cable, one of the main concerns for most consumers is the programming offered by each. After all, why pay for channels you are never going to watch? Satellite TV gives you the flexibility to choose the package that has the programming you want without all the rest. For instance, DIRECTV offers several packages to fit every household. The DIRECTV Family package offers more than 45 channels that are all suitable for any ages. This package includes family favorites like Nickelodeon, Disney Channel, Sprout, The N, and Discovery Kids. The package also includes all of your local channels (eligibility varies based on service area, not all networks are available in all areas).

The Family packages lets parents know that whatever their child is watching is appropriate without having to deal with complicated settings on a cable box, remote, or TV. Unlike cable, DIRECTV lets you choose the channels your family is in through the Family package and there is no need to pay for channels you aren’t going to watch or don’t want your kids tuning to.

Right now, through March 3rd, 2009, DIRECTV is offering the Family package for 29.99 a month. This is rate is the standard pricing for this basic package which means this not just a promotional rate that will be raised as soon as your first year of service is through. For an additional $5.99 a month, you can add DVR service or for $9.99 you can add HD Access to this package which will provide channels such as Nick, Disney, Food Channel, and Toon Disney all in amazing clarity. You can also pick up a second receiver for another room for a lease fee of $4.99 a month. The value of this package really comes from the ability to choose channels that fit the needs and concerns of your family, something you can’t get with cable.

You can sign up for the DIRECTV Family Package here.

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