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DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket 2009

NFLThere are only two satellite TV companies that provide NFL sports packages.  And if you’re like me, you want to track your favorite team as well as the players on your fantasy teams.  You can either purchase a package on DISH Network or DIRECTV.

DIRECTV features their NFL Sunday Ticket and it seems to be better than ever.  Although it comes at a hefty $300 price tag, to the NFL nut it is worth every penny.  Real-time scores, in-depth stats, and individual player tracking are just some of the features that you can control with your remote.  The player tracker is a huge marketing point for them since fantasy football is more popular than ever.  One can track up to 18 players in real time right on the television screen.  That’s one and a half fantasy teams that you can track (including your bench players).  Not only is this amazing, but DIRECTV also has a “big play” alert for those players if they rip off a 90 yard touchdown run or a defense scoops and scores.  NFL Sunday Ticket also features single and multi-game scoreboards on the same screen at the touch of a button.  With these types of features, you’d never even think about going to your local bar again.  Fire up the laptop, plop down on the couch, crack open a cold one and you’re set—all from the comfort of your own home.

DISH Network features their package called NFL RedZone. Games are broadcast live in HD and at a very reasonable price of $5.99/month, you can watch all the games you want. That totals to just under $42 for the entire football season. For that price, the RedZone package is a sensible, economical choice for any normal football fan. I say normal because the next package is for the hardcore guy.

DirectTVAlthough DISH Network’s NFL RedZone is extremely affordable, it lacks the punch and features of NFL Sunday Ticket.  Even though you’d be paying about $15/week rather than $1.50/week, I’d say that NFL Sunday Ticket is the way to go.  Information is power, especially in fantasy leagues.  Money takes a back seat when it comes to pride and bragging rights in the office or with friends.  Managers want to know how their players are doing, if they get hurt, and just plain want to watch good football games.  In some areas, you’re forced to watch bad regional games.  Just this past week I was subjected to watching Oakland @ KC.  I’d rather watch paint dry than this pillow fight.  If I did have a satellite subscription, I would’ve flipped over to the Pats/Jets game.  Both the RedZone and NFL Sunday Ticket provide flexibility with the games.  Be a man and do the right thing—invest your $300 and impress you buddies.

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