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If you are looking to get the most out of your new HD Television, you definitely want to check out DISH Network. DISH Network offers a wide variety of HD channels and DISH is the only service that broadcasts channels in full 1080p (the same resolution as a Blu-ray disk). I’m a big fan of HDTV, in fact I don’t think I could every go back to traditional cable or satellite or even DVDs for that matter. Once you see the clarity that High Definition television has to offer, you will never watch TV the same way.

Most people overlook the fact that that their current cable or satellite provider probably broadcasts HD channels in 720p, which may not be taking full advantage of your television if it supports 1080p. If you have a Blu-ray player you know what I’m talking about because you can see a big difference between the quality of your Blu-ray movies and the HD channels on cable or satellite. Well DISH Network has just launched a service that will change that forever.

Turbo HD is the ultimate HD programming package from DISH Network. Its the only 100% HD service, in other words all of the channels are in HD resolution. If you want to fully utilize your new HDTV this is the programming package you want. Turbo HD has three different programming tiers (Gold, Silver and Bronze). You get all of the channels you love – The Discovery Channel, The Disney Channel, Food Network, even premium channels like HBO and Starz. You also can get your local channels in HD for an extra $5 a month.

Right now Turbo HD is the most comprehensive HD programming package out there. Comcast and DirecTV’s current packages really don’t compare because they don’t offer channels in full 1080p quality yet. I actually was amazed when I heard about Turbo HD because I thought that channels in full 1080p were a few years off. However DISH Network proved me wrong and the future appears to be here a lot sooner than I thought.

You can find out more about DISH HDTV and Turbo HD as well as sign up here.

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