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DISH Has You Covered for the Digital Transition

In February 2009, TV signals will change from analog to digital. Without the proper equipment, most people will not be able to use their television sets. Most televisions that are a few years old or more are made for an analog signal, which means that people are going to have to use methods in order to make their televisions work. Luckily, people do not have to do it on their own. DISH Network is making it easy for their customers. They are helping with digital conversions, so their customers do not even have to leave their home in order to receive the correct signal.

DTVPal Converter Box

The DTVPal Converter Box will take your television set and convert the analog signal to digital. The box has many features that make it well worth the purchase. The small box is comparable in size to a paperback novel and is easy to set up and has on screen menus. It also has an event timer and program search, so you will be able to always find your favorite shows. Customers can use a $40 government coupon when purchasing the box, which makes it a great deal.

DISH Network Satellite TV

After getting the box, you can then get DISH Network satellite TV to go with the box. DISH Network offers programming that viewers cannot get through their cable companies. Customers can choose from a wide variety of packages, and even take advantage of the three months of free programming that DISH Network offers.

By using the solutions offered by DISH Network, consumers can save a lot of money on the transition that is going to be occurring next year. Many people think they are going to have to spend thousands of dollars on new televisions, but that is not true. In fact, people can keep their expenses down by using the two solutions that DISH Network offers, and then save even more money by taking advantage of the three months of free programming that is currently being offered.

For more information about how DISH Network can help you with the analog to digital conversion, click HERE.

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