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Dish Network Surpasses 14 Million Subscribers

dishIt was reported this past week that DISH Network has crossed the 14 million subscriber milestone.  DISH is currently the second largest satellite television service provider behind DirecTV.   In the grand scheme of things, Comcast ranks first in overall multichannel video service providers with a whopping 24 million customers.  DirecTV is second at 18.4 million subscribers.  DirecTV says that since the fourth quarter is nearing a close, their net new subscriber ratio is continuing to grow.

In the third fiscal quarter, DISH Network reported a positive gain of 241,000 new subscribers.  This number is final as of September 30, 2009.  By reaching the 14 million subscriber mark, DISH has also added 149,000 subscribers in the fourth quarter with a few days remaining.  This is a positive for DISH Network in that this is the second straight period for subscriber growth.  While the average joes might not be amazed with this, this is great for satellite television.  The companies are continuing to attract new customers with their different packages.  Part of this has to do with the overall economic downturn, but in this case, a win is a win.

One of DISH’s goals has been to boost its HD lineup, now offering over 150 nation and local HD channels.  This is more than DirecTV and thus allows them to carry the “Most HD channels” title belt.  DISH seems to be taking the correct steps to become the best satellite company out there.  They are slowly winning over more subscribers as well as adding to their channel line-up.  The war won’t be won overnight, but it is a step in the right direction.

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