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DISH Turbo HD Review

The DISH Network TurboHD service recently debuted on (or around) August 1st, which generated a tremendous amount of buzz with a comprehensive advertising campaign claiming to be the only 100% HD service that’s currently available. That said, is TurboHD the best of the best? Is it worth it given the price?

The answer is a clear yes. It’s no secret that in the past DISH Network has fallen behind competitors like DirecTV and they needed a boost to get back in the game. Turbo HD delivers just the boost they needed. With multiple plans to choose from, and 100% of the channels from each plan in HD, DISH Network has delivered the first of its kind, a compete HD service.

Turbo HD Plans
The Bronze plan lands you with 24 HD channels, as well as six HD PPV channels and 14 HD VOD channels. The Silver ups that a bit, to 32 HD channels and 14 VOD channels. Regional sports networks are included here too in HS, so there may be another 2 or 3 channels. The Gold includes 40 HD channels, six HD PPV, and 14 HD Video on Demand channels.

With launching multiple Turbo HD plans, DISH Network offers something for everyone and every sized household. If you only need a few of the basic channels, but want them in High Definition, Turbo HD is for you. If your like me and want all of the channels out there as well as premium channels in HD, Turbo HD is also for you. Overall I was very pleased with DISH Networks latest HD offering and I’m sure the best is yet to come.

You can find out more about DISH Network Turbo HD here.

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