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Dish Network’s America’s Everything Package

These days, it’s almost too expensive to go anywhere. Gas is high, and inflation can be a real killer. Now is the time to get satellite service and just hole up inside of the house. With the deal that DISH Network is offering, that has never sounded so appealing. The America’s Everything Pack from DISH Network is pretty much exactly what it claims to be. It offers all of the entertainment a customer could want, for a surprisingly affordable price.

Premium Movie Channels

Commercials can kill interest in a show quicker than anything. They are only good for bathroom breaks, and if you have to go to the bathroom every twelve minutes, you might need to stop watching so much TV and go see your urologist. The America’s “Everything” Pack offers thirty-one premium movie channels that can help you fill those long summer days. All of the premium channels are available, so no matter what time of the day or night, you will be able to find something to watch.


If you are a sports fan and do not have DISH Network, you are missing out. Between NBA TV and the regional sports coverage, America’s “Everything” Pack manages to cover all the bases. Sports fans can stay glued to their televisions all day. They can watch all the baseball, basketball, and football they want. It’s hard to get a heat stroke when you’re cheering on your favorite sports team and staying hydrated with your favorite beverage.

Over 280 Channels=$84.99

That’s right. For $84.99, you can have all of that. I’ve rented movies that cost more than that (until they got rid of those late fees, that is). Now is the perfect opportunity to sign up with DISH Network and get America’s “Everything” Pack. You will have all of the entertainment you need, right in your living room.

Anyone who loves television and movies should jump on this offer. You will get every channel you want, and then some. You will be able to fill all of those summer days with television, which is really how they are meant to be spent.

You can sign up for America’s Everything™ Package from DISH Network here.

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