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DivX Pro Review

Are you getting the most out of your DivX Player? If you haven’t upgraded to DivX Pro, you are not. DivX Pro offers software that gives users studio quality video, and the tools to edit their videos like professionals. If you are only using the DivX Player and not taking advantage of all of the extras in the DivX Pro Bundle, you are missing out. DivX Pro includes the DivX Player, along with many other things that make it an exceptional video player and editor.


The DivX Pro bundle comes with the DivX Codec. The DivX Codec gives users high performance along with the ability to convert HD video. The DivX Codec has six preset encoding codes, making the Codec easy to use, even for the inexperienced user.


One of the best things about the DivX Pro bundle is the DivX Converter. Many people want to convert their videos, but they do not know how. It can be incredibly complicated, and it scares many users off. The DivX Pro Converter converts video in just one step, allowing for anyone to use it. It also gives advanced encoding tools for those users that want to have a hands on encoding process. The DivX Converter can convert almost any video format into DivX video. Just drag and drop the file and the conversion process will begin. The converter can also take different videos and merge them into one file. When this process is completed, a menu for the file will be generated by the software. The DivX Converter is great for both new and experienced users, as it can be incredibly easy to use or more complex, depending on what tools are used.

Web Player

Another added bonus of getting the DivX Pro bundle is the web player. The DivX Pro web player allows users to display their DivX videos directly on a web page and play them right there. It is an extra feature that is a lot of fun, and simple to use.

DivX Player

What kind of bundle would DivX Pro be if it didn’t include the DivX Player? The DivX Player that comes with DivX Pro can handle any kind of DivX video. It can handle DivX video that was created with older versions of the software, as well as the up to date versions. The DivX Player offers users great versatility. It also functions as a burner, so after videos are created, they can be burned to a disc in one easy step without having to open up any new programs.

DivX Pro is incredibly easy software to use. However, even with the ease of use, it produces high quality video. It allows users to either do basic converting and playing, or to do something more technical. It is the perfect player for experienced and inexperienced users. With all of the settings and tools offered, novices to experts can get what they want out of the DivX Pro bundle, and all video needs will be present in one bundle.

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