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Do DVD Players that have Upscaling Look Better?

Lately, there has been a common question floating around. Is it better to upscale or to not upscale? Some people say that DVD players that have upscaling are so much better than standard DVD players, while others say they aren’t worth it. It’s important to understand exactly what you are getting if you get a DVD player that has upscaling.

What is Upscaling?

If you have a high definition television but you do not have a high definition DVD player, you may want to consider purchasing a DVD player that has upscaling capabilities. While this will not create a high definition DVD, it will help match the pixels between the two pieces of equipment. For example, standard DVD players are made for standard definition video. When you get an HDTV, they are still made for standard definition video. When you use upscaling it allows for the two pieces of equipment to be more on the same page.

Is it Better?

That question is relative. First, you need to ask yourself what it is supposed to be better than. Is it better than a standard definition TV playing standard definition video? No. So then, it is of course not better than a high definition DVD player broadcasting on a HDTV. However, it is better than a HDTV broadcasting video from a standard DVD player. So users need to keep in mind that if they are using a DVD player with upscaling, they are getting a picture that would be better than what they had. That makes it worth it. While it’s not the same as high definition, it will work until you get a Blue Ray Player.

The Reasons

Again, it’s all about the pixels. Upscaling allows for better quality. Therefore, if you have an HDTV but you aren’t ready to spend the money on a Blue Ray player, you at least need to get a DVD player with upscaling.

This is a much more affordable alternative for people who want a HDTV but don’t yet feel ready to shell out the money for a Blue Ray Player. After you spend some time watching TV on HD, though, you might just decide that upgrading to the Blue Ray Player is worth the extra cash after all.

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