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Does The Entertainment Industry Need New Web Design?

There’s no question that adapting your brick and mortar business to an online presence is rarely an easy process. Many businesses have tried to establish their own unique brand in an online format, with varying degrees of success. One blogger in particular over at Digital DISH feels that the industry needs more dedicated web talents in order to enhance the user experience online, and I couldn’t agree more.

The most glaring and obvious errors made by TV networks is their site layout. Most TV related sites that you’ll visit will be flashy but horribly cumbersome. You may have to wait for extensive flash animations that may or may not work with your browser of choice, and assuming it loads properly you’ll also be faced with a navigation nightmare. Links will be oddly placed and some will take you to entirely different sections of the site you never intended on going to in the first place, or display ads and other material that doesn’t relate to the show you’re trying to get information on. They definitely need some improvements.

Another important factor for entertainment networks with an online presence is paying attention to their audience. Understanding what exactly it is your TV shows fans want is just as important as other factors like navigation and accessibility. The industry often misses the mark here, and they’d do well to take down some of these suggestions and make improvements as needed.

One Response to “Does The Entertainment Industry Need New Web Design?”
dishnetworktv - April 30th, 2009 at 2:10 pm

I agree!
The Dish Network corp site is full of great info, but is also too big. It’s a good site as far as explaining everything about DISH TV but not that easy for customers to navigate.

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