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Does TIVO work with Dish Network or DirecTV?

tivoWhile it might be counterintuitive, if you get a good deal on both your TiVo and satellite television subscriptions, then it might make sense to have two different subscriptions.  You’d have your satellite subscription while the TiVo would take care of monitoring shows as well as recording them. Luckily, both DirecTV and DISH Network do have TiVo DVRs that are compatible with both companys’ receivers.

TiVo and DirecTV have renewed their partnership, which is just in time for a new TiVo service to launch in 2010.  For now, TiVo recommends the TiVo DVR Series2 which records up to 80 hours off standard-definition programming.  This DVR does not support high-definition TV.  In the first half of 2010, a HD DVR will be available so if you’re gonna go with DirecTV, it would be wiser to wait till next year to get both subscriptions.  If you want to get your subscription now, both new and current DirecTV customers will have the option to enjoy a next-generation HD DVR.

Unlike DISH Network, there is no DVR available or in the works that is compatible with TiVo.  TiVo still recommends the same DVR as it does with DirecTV, the Series2.  For the Series2 DVR, you can record from two basic cable channels or one basic cable and one digital cable channel.  What is a downer is that it does not support recording from two digital cable or satellite channels at once.  This is the first real negative about DISH Network.

You can always forgo the middle man that TiVo might seem to be.  If you’re an avid TiVo fan then maybe you want to continue with your subscription.  With some might not see the need for TiVo for your satellite feeds, it is feasible to have both working together.

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