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Don’t Cry For Me Bikini Girl

bikiniIf there’s one thing I have a hard try stomaching when I watch TV, it’s a show that seems designed to make people look bad or act horrible in some way. The one exception to this rule is Wipeout, since the drama is minimal and the mood is so light that it’s just plain funny to watch someone try to jump across a platform and only make it halfway. The stuff is all foam and water anyhow! American Idol, for me, is on the opposite end of the spectrum. It is absolute torture for me to watch someone try to sing, get lambasted, and then run off the set crying. I don’t care if they signed up for that, and I don’t care that it’s obviously why many people watch the show, it’s not entertainment to me.

Yet there are others that really just go on the show to make a splash by being unorthodox this case..incredibly good looking. Bikini Girl, who is named as such because she spent the auditions in said attire, recently got voted off the island after making it through the first round of auditions. She may have been nice to look at, but I guess it didn’t make up for her vocal cords.

Of course she’s had plenty of interviews now in regards to her recent ejection and defends her skimpy outfit since she’s a “risk-taker.” One thing is for sure, the shows creators eat this stuff up. If their female demographic viewers watch for the heartache and triumph, then some guys undoubtedly tune in for the view.

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